This is a story...

Once Upon A Time, there was a little girl who grew up longing to go to Russia. She longed for St Petersburg and Moscow and The Winter Palace and The Romanovs and snow. She dreamed of deepest, darkest Russia too. Anna Karenina Russia. The end of Doctor Zhivago Russia.
Anastasia Russia.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Humble Beginnings .

I grew up on a diet of Anastasia.  It is a cartoon film by 20th Century Fox, all about Anastasia.  I watched it over and over and over and over... I think you get the idea.
One Christmas, I got the book of the film, a cuddly-toy pooka, the plastic models of Anya & Dimitri at the Opera (complete with Royal Box and Opera Glasses) and the CD.  I think you see my level of obsession. 
You may be wondering why I'm telling you this, but it's all important.  Important so you understand that since then, I have longed for Russia.  And part of me, even though I've read countless accounts of the real version, believes that Rasputin really did sell his soul to the Devil for a reliquary, that Anastasia really did survive and fall in love with a handsome chancer who worked at the Winter Palace as a boy.  Call me stupid, but it's my little piece of romance.

Now.  To the point of this blog.  I'm going to Russia.  With my school.  In March.  Do you know what the average maximum temperature is in St. Petersburg in March?  0oC.  0oC!!!
That means snow.  And ice.  And little red noses and thick warm coats and seeing your breath.  And waking up with cold feet and fingertips. 

This, my lovelies, is my dream come true.  I'm so excited. 

I shall use this blog to post my pre-Russia exploits, findings, discoveries, trepidations.

If you like travel, and adventure, and just a little bit of fairytale magic, come and read about it. 

I'd like to inspire you to seek out your own childhood imaginings too.